911: First Responders

Release Date calendar
April 13, 2006
Platform joystick
Game Type type
Max Players players

911 First Responders (Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life in Europe) is a real-time strategy game with the objective to save lives. You are in charge of a emergency team comprised of firefighting, police, technical support and medical units. In 20 missions you can choose between different units to save people from accidents, terrorist threats or natural disasters. For example, you have to make sure that an informant stays healthy in a safe house, rescue scientists from a polar station or bring order to the chaos a massive earthquake caused to a city. Above all that you have to keep your eyes on the budget, make sure your team stays safe and effective, and prevent victims from dying. Next to a freeplay mode and scenario editor, there is a cooperative multiplayer part, where you can play together with up to 4 players to manage an endless chain of accidents in a big city.

Alternate Names
  • Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life Europe Europe



T - Teen

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