Airforce Delta

Release Date calendar
September 9, 1999
Platform joystick
Sega Dreamcast
Game Type type
Max Players players

Players take control of a mercenary that has been contracted to complete a number of strategic military missions. Each mission completed earns the player money, and the more money that is accumulated, the more sophisticated aircraft the player can purchase. Players select from a myriad of fighters and take to the skies to defend a newly independent Republic of Laconia from its many enemies. The first mission involves a preemptive strike against numerous fighter planes that are planning to bomb the Laconian capital city of Naxos. The game centers around the Federated Republic of Dzavailar. Ethnic tension and religious debate have caused the Republic to split into independent states. The defenseless Republic of Laconia is in dire need of military support. Rebels from the former Federated Republic of Dzavailar have decided to reunite a territory long divided by ethnic conflict. After years of civil war, Laconia is the only republic left standing and has asked a mercenary defense organization, Airforce Delta, to help keep it from falling to the dreaded unification movement. As a commissioned lieutenant assigned to the Delta Squadron, the pilot is about to embark on a series of over 20 missions in very hostile territories.

Alternate Names
  • Deadly Skies Europe Europe



E - Everyone

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