Release Date calendar
October 24, 2006
Platform joystick
Nintendo DS
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Max Players players

Based on the feature film of the same name starring Jack Black, Nacho Libre offers fans comedic wrestling mayhem--exaggerated moves, wacky props and lots of pratfalls delivered with a unique photo puppetry look. Jack Black stars as Ignacio (friends call him "Nacho"), a cook by day in a Mexican orphanage, who moonlights as a lucha libre wrestler to raise money for the orphans. • Six play modes: Story Mode (single player, tied to the movie plot), Vs. Mode, Team Mode (2 vs. 2), Battle Jam (2-4 player wireless brawls), Quick Match and Championship Match (multiplayer only)• Wrestle in four different arenas from the movie• Play as 20 different luchadors based on characters from the movie. Each has his/her own wrestling moves and special attacks.• Take on your opponents with headlocks, grapples, holds and pin moves or create combos for devastating, and comical, results• Use the Touch Screen to play eight themed mini games including Nachoball, Footrace, Bee Swat, Bullrun, Cliff Climber, Chariot Jump and more• Unique "photo puppetry" art style lends the game a distinctive, humorous look• Includes recreated cut scenes from the movie in between the action• Unlock bonus material after playing through Story Mode

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E10+ - Everyone 10+

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