Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

Release Date calendar
December 31, 1993
Platform joystick
Game Type type
Max Players players

After defeating the Drajian army, four former gladiator slaves journey to the recently liberated city of Tyr, whose evil sorcerer-king Kalak was recently slain. Although freed from Kalak's tyranny, Tyr is now defenseless against the ambition of the Dragon, a creature that came into existence as a transformation of a malevolent mage. The Dragon sends his powerful undead general the Lord Warrior to Tyr to conquer it and prepare for his coming. The heroes hook up with a rebel underground known as the Veiled Alliance and must oppose the Draxans and the Lord Warrior, while they are being secretly observed by the Dragon through his crystal ball. The party soon learns that the Dragon may be the least of their worries, however, as it becomes apparent that the Lord Warrior has his own hidden agenda and intends to unleash a long dormant monster of immense destructive power upon the world.

Alternate Names
  • AD&D Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager North America North America
  • Dark Sun II: Wake of the Ravager



T - Teen

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