Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Release Date calendar
November 1, 1986
Game Type type
Max Players players

Your name is Alex Kidd. You have courage. A karate chop that shatters rocks. And a big job to do. You learn that the mysterious city Radactian is in great danger. All your skills and talents are desperately needed to help. But there's a catch: how do you get there? Your only clues are a puzzling map and a medallion made of Sunstone. Will that be enough to solve the riddle of the pathway? You face the obstacles. Solve the mysteries. learn the secrets as you go along. but there's high adventure around every corner. It takes a Kidd like you handle a challenge like this.

Alternate Names
  • Alex Kidd no Miracle World Japan Japan
  • Alex Kido Asia Asia



Not Rated

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