Action Man: Robot Atak

Release Date calendar
September 24, 2004
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Max Players players

The world's leading toxins specialist, Professor Moran, is kidnapped by a villain named No-Face while in disguise as Action Man in order to frame him for the kidnapping. No-Face intends to force Moran to make him a mind control gas. Action Man and Action Force become wanted criminals and their base becomes surrounded by the authorities. No-Face takes Moran to Island X, where he reveals that he has constructed an army of 'X-Robots' which begin terrorizing cities across the world. No Face has also began rebuilding Dr. X and brings him back to life as he was previously defeated by Action Man. Action Force escape their base with some of their equipment and vehicles and go on the run whilst battling X-Robots along the way. In one instance, Action Man places a tracker on an X-tank and tracks the robot's location to Island X. Action Force make their way there and later find out about Dr. X and No Face's plan to turn the world's population into their slaves using Moran's mind control gas. After several confrontations and battles, the evil plan is thwarted and the base is destroyed thanks to Flynt redirecting the missiles containing the gas to their launch point. Action Force leave with Moran, though they do not realize that Dr. X and No-Face have survived the explosion.

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Action, Platform
Magic Pockets
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