DAIVA Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia

Release Date calendar
December 5, 1986
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Max Players players

DAIVA Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia is the sixth game in the DAIVA saga. Like the other games in this franchise, it tells the same overarching story, however this time the story is explored through the view of the protagonist named Mahtari Shuban. Mahtari's task is to take resources from 15 different hostile planets and also defeat the enemies who inhabit them. The game starts out on the map screen which shows where the homebase is and also where the other planets are located. It also shows how much resources are currently at the homebase. These resources are used to add more spaceships to the players fleet. While flying around sometimes enemy spaceships will be spotted. The player can ignore them or choose to enter a turn based battle with them. During the battle, players choose where to place their fleet on a square grid map. The player's fleet and the enemy fleet take turns volleying shots at each other. The victor of the battle is whoever still has remaining spaceships in their fleet. Players have to be wary of enemy spaceships as they will attack the planets the player currently has possession of and must be defeated in order for the player to still claim ownership of the planet. Before taking control of a planet, the player lands on the planets surface and enters into a side-scrolling action game in a mobile attack suit. Before this section begins the player is shown the enemy and gravity bars. The higher the enemy bar is, the tougher and more plentiful the enemies will be, and the higher the gravity bar is, the more it will affect on how high the mobile attack suit will be able to jump. Also, the player is shown a silhouette of the planets surface and can choose where in that stage they want special items to be deployed. These special items include multiple missile strikes,a bomb that will destroy all the enemies currently on the screen, and an item that will refill the player's depleted shield back to a full shield. Players then have to shoot or avoid getting killed by hostile enemies, then defeat a boss enemy to fully take control of a planet. The game offers four different difficulty modes.

Alternate Names
  • Daiva: Imperial of Nirsartia
  • Daiva: Imperial of Nirsartia Japan Japan

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Action, Strategy
T&E Soft
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