Beyond the Forbidden Forest

Release Date calendar
January 1, 1985
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

The sequel to Forbidden Forest; the main gimmick was the "4-dimensional" gameplay. The background changed to reflect the passage of time, going from bright daylight to starlit night. The main character could also move in and out of the screen. Armed with a bow and unlimited arrows, the aim was to kill the terrible creatures of the forest to earn golden arrows. Dying reduced the stock of golden arrows by half. The player aimed by moving the joystick while holding fire, which changed the elevation bars in the side borders. Releasing fire shot the arrow. Among the enemies in the forest level were Vermes (giant worms that burst out of the ground), Dragonflies, and Scorpions. When enough arrows had been earned, the player could choose to enter the caves. Here there were swarms of bats to avoid and kill, a multi-headed hydra breathing fire and the final bad guy - the Demogorgon, who had one weak point.

Alternate Names

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Not Rated

Horror, Shooter
Paul Norman
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