Release Date calendar
October 25, 2005
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Max Players players

Sky Dancers is a game made for girls based on the Sky Dancers line of toys. Young adventurers can fly off on an exciting journey with Angelica, Camille and Jade! Queen Skyla has chosen the best dancers from her High Hope Dance Academy to defend the Wingdom from the evil Sky Clone and his wicked servants and henchmen. Sky Clone has spirited away the Queen so he can take over the Wingdom, and the Sky Dancers must use their magical feathers and new special skills to save the day. The game features collectible in-game Sky Dancers costumes and hair accessories that may be traded via the Game Link cable, five unique levels of play, and three mini games: "Angelica's Perfect Aim," "Jade's Sky Slalom," and "Camille's Treasure Hunt."

Alternate Names
  • Sky Dancers: They Magically Fly! North America North America



E - Everyone

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