Sítio do Picapau Amarelo

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A party for all ages at the small farm. The group was running and playing, under the watchful eye of the Blessed Owner and Aunt Nastácia. However, something would happen that no one could have expected... Aunt Nastácia became ill with a strange sickness that made her sleep for hours on end. Everyone was worried, and it was decided upon that Dr. Caramujo would come examine this odd condition. After the examination, there was good news and bad news. First the good news: there is an antidote for Aunt Nastácia's illness. Now the bad news: in order to create this antidote, 5 ingredients must be combined. Seem easy? Keep reading! The five ingredients are: bat's blood, carapuça of the Saci, the cane of Salsaparrilha of the Curupira, a wire hair of home, and a tear of Cuca. Still sound easy? This isn't everything. You can choose either Pedrinho or Emília as you embark on your quest. Both are equally courageous, and if neither can find all of the 5 ingredients, poor Aunt Nastácia will sleep for 100 years. And who else can make cookies just the way you like them?

Alternate Names
  • Sitio do Picapau Amarelo Brazil Brazil

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