Virtua Fighter Animation

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Virtua Fighter Animation is an one-on-one 2D fighting game based on the Virtua Fighter anime series. It has two game modes: story and versus. In the story mode, the player follows the anime's plot, with anime style cutscenes before and after each fight. The story is divided in acts, each one of them corresponding to one fight. The player starts controlling Akira Yuki, as he beats his opponents, each one of them joins his party, so they can be chosen in the next fights. Besides Akira, the other characters which become available are Pai Chan, Jacky Bryant, Wolf Hawkfield, Kage-Maru, Sarah Bryant and Lau Chan. In the final act, the player must fight against Dural. The versus mode allows players to choose any of the seven available characters to fight against the CPU. In the two player versus game, Kage-Maru is removed from the character selection.

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