Free Running

Release Date calendar
April 20, 2007
Platform joystick
Sony PSP
Game Type type
Max Players players

Free Running is a third-person open-environment arcade game, based around the sport of Parkour. Set across multiple high and low rise urban environments, Parkour participants (known as traceurs) navigate around and over various obstacles using only the natural abilities of the human body. By stringing together spectacular gymnastic style moves, the player builds up 'flow', and is awarded points according to their agility and grace. In the single player story mode, the players creates a novice traceur, who is mentored by Parkour athletes from Urban Freeflow, and by the Parkour guru Sebastian Foucan. In addition, there are numerous single and multiplayer challenge modes - races, collection events, style based challenges, timed events and more. Successful completion of challenges unlocks new levels, videos, clothing, footwear and music tracks.



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