Caverns of Khafka

Release Date calendar
August 26, 1984
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

Find 5 holy seals in a labyrinth and attach them to the gate at the temple of Pharao Khafka to open the gate. Enter the tomb, outwit the ghost guards and get the treasure. . . . . This sounds easy, but it is not, because the people of the pharao does not live any more but all lockings and traps still work well. Furthermore, evil bugs, rolling and falling rocks, magma and bats obstruct the search. And finally, some tunnels and channels are very narrow so that our brave treasure hunter (or tomb raider) must crawl through them to avoid hurting his head. In the unlikely event that you find all seals and get to the guards of the treasure, the most dagnerous task will follow, as you need to pass the guard without touching it. If this succeeds the adventurer will be awarded the Treasure of the Pharao, if not he will die a cruel death. . .

Alternate Names
  • Caverns of Khafka: Die Grabkammern des Pharao Germany Germany

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Paul Norman
Cosmi , U.S. Gold
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