Release Date calendar
December 31, 1988
Platform joystick
Game Type type
Max Players players

Play a would-be hero in the city of Hillsfar, where action and adventure await the daring adventurer. Join the local guild and complete missions from the guild master in a quest for glory and gold! Hillsfar is a single-hero role-playing game (in comparison to other Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games, where the player usually controls a group of characters). A combination of first person perspective (when traveling in the city of Hillsfar) and third person perspective (usually in some action-style mini-quests) viewpoints. As a would-be-hero, four classes are available in a randomly generated mission-based plot: fighter, thief, cleric, or magic-user. Each class to a certain extent, have different assigned quests given by each respective guild. In Hillsfar, gameplay usually consists of various mini-games that are needed to complete the quests or missions provided at the local guild by the guild master. These mini-games (and their viewpoints) include: Fighting in the arena (third person). Competing at the archery range (first person). Exploring buildings or mazes (top-down). Riding a horse outside Hillsfar while avoiding obstacles (third person/side-scrolling). Locking picking doors and chests (first person). Unlike most role-playing games, there aren't any randomly generated monsters to battle. In Hillsfar, combat only occurs in the arena.

Alternate Names
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar
  • AD&D: Hillsfar

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