Airwolf (Kyugo)

Release Date calendar
December 24, 1988
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Max Players players

Completely different than the version published by Acclaim in the US. Airwolf is an horizontal shooter by Kyugo Boueki and based on the popular American television series aired in the 1980s. The player takes control of a super helicopter codenamed Airwolf, a military aircraft capable of supersonic speeds and stealth capabilities, and embarks on perilous undercover missions. Before each stage, the player is prompted to pick one primary air-weapon and a secondary ground-bomb. The primary weapon comes in three types - the Chain Gun fires straight ahead and at an angle, the Falcon fires small missiles and the Cannon. The same principle applies to ground-bombs and they come in three flavors - Red-Eye (bombs), Copperhead (missiles) and Hellfire (bullets). Pow icons are occasionally left behind enemy formations - they increase the equipped weapon's fire power and improve its firing rate. Finally, the Airwolf can fly at supersonic speed for a short amount of time and becomes invulnerable when it does. However, this technique consumes fuel and must be used with caution. Each level is essentially a linear path toward a large boss - interestingly, boss fights use a first-person view as opposed to side scrolling and losing even one means game over. In addition, the player is rewarded with a password after each completed level , however they are not used to save his progress but to unlock the game's ending - so they must be carefully written down and are randomly generated for each play session.

Alternate Names
  • Airwolf (Japanese Version)
  • Airwolf (Japan) (Kyugo) Japan Japan
  • Airwolf
  • Airwolf Kyugo Japan Japan



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Sanritsu Denki
Kyugo Trading
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