The Wizard & the Princess

Release Date calendar
January 1, 1982
Platform joystick
Commodore VIC-20
Game Type type
Max Players players

The Wizard and the Princess is an arcade adventure split into five stages where your quest is to rescue a Princess from an evil Wizard's castle. Starting with 120 Strength Points and 150 Magic Points you must get to the castle, slay a Dragon, search the castle before escaping with the Princess. You are armed with a sword and some spells where you can throw lightning bolts or fireballs, or put monsters to sleep and slit their throats. When not fighting you can increase your strength or pray for guidance. Each stage have different game styles and they are: Stage One: On a single screen viewed from above you start on the left of the screen with the castle on the right. You must move across the screen through the hills and flat ground while moving round the trees and mountains. On your journey you will encounter monsters to fight as well as pools to drink from but these can either weaken or strengthen you. Stage Two: A single screen viewed from the side sees your warrior having to slay a fire breathing Dragon. The Dragon moves around the screen and will stop occasionally to breath out fire and you must avoid the fire and the Dragon to kill it in a sweet spot with your sword. Stage Three: With the Dragon slayed you must move around a 1st person perspective maze looking for the exit. Stage Four: Another maze but this time viewed from above as you search various rooms looking for the Princess. You must kill every monster you encounter before the Princess is released. Lightning bolts can be used to remove walls. Stage Five: You have finally found and rescued the Princess but outside the castle you have more dangers to face before the Princess is safe. Viewed from the side on a single screen, you must cross a bridge while avoiding falling rocks. Once you have crossed the bridge you will face a two-headed monster that needs killing before your quest is over.

Alternate Names
  • The Wizard and the Princess

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Clifford Ramshaw
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