Ben 10: Omniverse 2

Release Date calendar
November 5, 2013
Platform joystick
Nintendo Wii
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Max Players players

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The Incursean battle begins! Multi-alien combos! 17 alien forms! Ben 10 Omniverse 2 has everything fans love about the hit series: Aliens, Action, and an all-new Adventure! The fastest Ben 10 game ever puts Ben in a race against the clock to make every alien transformation count in his battle against the all-new Incursean invaders. Set off on an all-new adventure with Ben as he infiltrates Incursean battleships to save the resistance fighters. Face off against new enemies featuring authentic voices in an all-new story written by the writers of the actual Ben 10 Omniverse TV series. All-new brawl sequences and fast paced alien switching action make this the most intense Ben 10 game yet!

Alternate Names

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E10+ - Everyone 10+

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