Advanced Military Commander

Release Date calendar
June 17, 1991
Platform joystick
Sega Genesis
Game Type type
Max Players players

Advanced Daisenryaku is one of the many titles in SystemSoft's long-running war strategy simulation series. This version is one of the first to feature a full campaign mode, and takes place during World War II with the player commanding the German Nazi army, starting with the invasion of Poland in 1939. Depending upon the outcome of each battle, different paths might be taken that can diverge wildly from historical fact. The game plays out on the hexagonal grid that the series is known for. As always, each space on the grid is a specific type of terrain, be it grass, mountains, or sea; different types of units like infantry and tanks can be moved about the spaces and attack each other. Different types of units have different strengths and weaknesses toward each other, which is also affected by the terrain. The ultimate goal is to capture all of the opposing cities. In addition to the scenario mode, there is also a "standard" mode where any map in the game can be freely played with any combination of human and computer players.

Alternate Names
  • Advanced Daisenryaku: Deutsch Dengeki Sakusen Japan Japan
  • Advanced Military Commander North America North America
  • 大战略 闪电奇袭 China China



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