Space Invaders Deluxe

Release Date calendar
September 1, 1979
Platform joystick
Game Type type
Max Players players

The sequel to the legendary "Space Invaders"; Part II's game-play is virtually identical to the original game, with the player once again moving a laser base back and forth along the bottom of the screen, shooting endless waves of aliens marching downwards towards the player. Once again flying saucers cab be shot for extra points. Released September 1979 in Japan. This game was released in America by Midway in 1980 as Space Invaders Deluxe. "Deluxe" uses a color overlay, however, instead of a color monitor. The only difference in gameplay between the two is the point value of the blinking saucer: 500 in Space Invaders Part II, but only 200 in Space Invaders Deluxe. Oddly enough, Midway's Space Invaders Deluxe displays the name Space Invaders Part II during the attract mode. All other references to the game (promotional material, manual, service bulletins, labels on the motherboard, serial number tags inside the cabinet, monitor glass, etc.) say Space Invaders Deluxe. This is most likely because the licensing agreement between Taito and Midway only allowed certain minor changes to the program code.

Alternate Names
  • Deluxe Space Invaders World World
  • Space Invaders Part II Japan Japan



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