Agent Super-Bond

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Platform joystick
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Max Players players

Agent Super-Bond is an action game about clearing a building filled with fanatical terrorists while freeing hostages with a concept similar to Lost Tomb. The building consists of several single-screen randomized rooms that need to be completed one after another. The rooms are connected through exits. Each room consists of a maze-like structure with furniture and desks. The character can be steered around in eights directions and also automatically fires in the direction the character faces, with a salvo of bullets that takes a short time to recharge. It is also possible to freeze movement and shoot manually in a direction by holding the fire button. Enemies include terrorists, turrets, mines and robot opponents in unusual shapes like a spinning blade. They also shoot and keep spawning endlessly until the character is dead or the room is exited. It is possible to search desks, drawers and file cabinets for points by running into them. Hostages also need to be saved. Cubicles can be entered through openings and doors, but the agent also has a special Zap power that allows him to use dynamite to blow up walls or nearby opponents in a short radius. Zap can only be used a few times, but more can be bought with real, physical quarters as an early type of microtransaction in special rooms that have a protected computer with a large amount of points and an exit to the next floor. When all lives are lost it is possible to continue from where the character dies and the points are kept as well. The game has an ending when the entire building is cleared.

Alternate Names
  • Agent Super Bond
  • Super Bond

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Signatron USA
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