Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion

Release Date calendar
December 3, 2009
Platform joystick
Apple iOS
Game Type type
Max Players players

Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion, which retains the core combat mechanics of the Ace Combat series, is a combat flight simulation game but it is presented in a more arcade-like format in contrast to other flight-sim games. The player plays the role of the flight lead in Falco Squadron, of the Aurelian Air Force. Ace Combat Xi does not have multiplayer capability. The player moves the plane by tilting the iPhone upwards or downwards to maneuver to aircraft to climb upwards or dive downwards. Players can also tilt the iPhone sideways to turn the aircraft. Combat is done using the touchscreen where players can touch on the various weapon icons present on the screen to fire the machine gun or missiles armed on the plane, players can also target enemies by touching on the target icon on the screen. Players can also control the speed of the aircraft by tapping on the throttle or brake button on the screen. Throttling temporarily boosts the aircraft speed and will slowly decrease in speed once the effect has worn off, braking will slow down the aircraft though braking too much may result in the plane stalling and losing power. The camera can also be toggled between using a chase camera or a usual HUD view during gameplay

Alternate Names
  • Ēsu Konbatto Ekkusu Ai Sukaizu obu Inkāshon Japan Japan


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