3001: A Reading & Math Odyssey

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Windows 3.X
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3001: A Reading & Math Odyssey is an educational game that teaches mathematics and Greek mythology. The player comes from the planet Zarpharon which is about to be destroyed due to ecological disaster. To save the planet, the four parts of the Gratia machine, a device that keeps the environment in balance, has to be retrieved. The machine parts are hidden in ancient Greece and the player is sent back through time and space to find them. A mega-crystal is also needed and therefore the player has to find the identity of the council member that has stolen it. The game is played on a map of ancient Greece. By clicking on certain locations the player is able to interact with gods and heroes of the myths. When starting out the player is given a clue and to progress the player has to trade with the characters. This is done by giving gold, nectar or an item and in return other item or clues. Ultimately the player will be given the pieces of the machine. The player has a strength and a courage rating. The strength decreases when visiting a character that hasn't been referred in a clue and the game is lost when it reaches zero. To replenish nectar, gold and strength the player can visit the Oracle or the Library at Alexandria. At the oracle there are two types of questions that can be answered: a music question that gives strength and an anagram that gives a clue. It is also possible to get gold and nectar but these options are completely chance based. At the library the player can choose from four scrolls of knowledge. Each scroll contains four math problems and by completing these the player is awarded with new resources. There are also random interludes where the player encounters various mythological creatures. In each encounter the player has four choices: fight, talk, mutate or run. Each choice has a different consequence related to it.

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Unicorn Multimedia
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