A Stegasaur's Night Out

Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore Amiga
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Max Players players

Author Info: Quentin D. Thompson is the pseudonym of Ravi Philip Rajkumar, a medical student from India who writes text adventures in his spare time. Set in the Varicella universe in the aftermath of Primo Varicella's assassinating spree, A Stegosaur's Night Out is both an interesting followup to Adam Cadre's Varicella and an entertaining satire of the said game. The player character is...well...unusual. You're a toy. A plastic dinosaur toy. A TOY. Okay, okay, you're the plastic toy stegosaurus from Varicella, but let's not pretend that that makes it too much more appealing. I mean, come on: who really WANTS to be a toy? You'll just get picked up by some intolerable infant, kicked around, maybe have your ears chewed a bit, and then be tossed into the closet to mildew. What an intolerable existence! I wouldn't want it for my life - I don't want it in my text adventures. Rest assured, however, that this is no ordinary toy. It is a toy gifted with sentience, and possessed with a diabolical intent; namely, to assassinate the not-so-good Prince Charles of Piedmont. This is definitely the coolest toy ever. The goal of the player, then, is to make the stegosaurus' dreams come true. It shall not prove to be an easy task.




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Quentin Thompson
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