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December 23, 2016
Platform joystick
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Max Players players

Krautscape is an action-packed racing game with bird-like flying cars and procedurally built racetracks. The leading player builds the racetrack while the chasing players can take shortcuts by flying off the track to overcome obstacles. But the track is needed to score and to get speed – the vehicles don't have any thrusters to accelerate while flying. Krautscape features three unique multiplayer gamemodes that are designed to support nonlinear gameplay and intelligent movement instead of forcing you to drive perfectly. Three singleplayer game modes introduce you to the basic mechanics of driving, flying and track building. Key Features - Flying cars: Glide through the air like a bird - Build a racing track while driving – each race creates a new track - 3 multiplayer game modes with completely different goals & gameplay: Snake, Ping Pong and Collector - 3 singleplayer game modes, focused on driving, flying and track building - Multiplayer game modes are playable online, on LAN or in splitscreen mode (up to 8 players) - Free play sandbox mode - Original adaptive soundtrack - Steam leaderboards and achievements Keyboard and gamepad support for XInput compatible devices on Windows, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 gamepads on Mac/Linux

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