Matantei Loki Ragnarok Mayoukaku: Ushinawareta Bishou

Release Date calendar
December 22, 2002
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Max Players players

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Ever mischievous and trouble making, Loki is banished from Asgard to Middle Earth where he incarnates as a little brown-haired, green-eyed child. The condition for his return to the company of the Aesir is the capture of evil spirits on 'ol Midgard. To this end, Loki establishes the Enjaku Detective Agency which takes on supernatural assignments that have a greater likelihood of encountering discarnate spirits. Teamed with a rambunctious pink-haired girl named Mayura Daidouji and his son Ryuusuke Yamino (aka The Midgard Serpent), the Enjaku Detective Agency is retained for a new scenario that was written especially for the PS2 game. Loki's other children, Fenrir and Hel, accompany their father in the respective forms of a black dog and a little girl. The god of thunder, Thor, provides comic relief in the form of a lad named Narugami who has forgotten the way back to Asgard. As the story goes, paintings by a famous artist are disappearing and the Enjaku Detective Agency is retained to sniff out the culprit. Arriving at the gallery one evening, Loki and the gang launch an investigation and soon discover that things are not as they seem...

Alternate Names
  • Matantei Loki Ragnarok - Mayouga - Ushinawareta Bishou

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Visual Novel
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