Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

Release Date calendar
September 17, 2021
Platform joystick
Apple iOS
Game Type type
Max Players players

Count Dracula. Prophesized to rise every hundred years, descending the world into darkness. But there are those who stand before the rising tide, heroes all. After centuries of battle, Dracula's castle was finally sealed within the solar eclipse of 1999. Count Dracula was destroyed, but then one day... While working with national security, Genya Arikado receives a mysterious envelope. The grimoires have awoken, bringing monsters back to our world. Please lend us your assistance. Beset by doubts, Alucard diligently checks the moonlit sky to ensure Dracula's castle has not reappeared, before setting out on a journey to find the sender of the letter. This is the story of the Grimoire of Souls, a new page of a tragic history.

Alternate Names

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T - Teen

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