Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Apple II
Game Type type
Max Players players

You have just escaped from your prison cell. From the human security guard you have obtained a single laser blaster containing 8 shots. The remainder of the security forces, consisting of nothing but pursuit robots, have been notified of your breakout and are alert to your position. You must escape the prison by navigating though a series of courtyards, while avoiding robot pursuit. Each wave of robots consist of 8 machines, which move relentlessly towards the player. They can be destroyed if they strike another robot, or if they come in contact with the posts which surround the courtyard, and are interspersed throughout. The player must advance through courtyards by taking the transportation pad to the left, while the pad on the right takes the player back a stage. Each progressive area has fewer posts. The player has limited time for each move, and this is reduced on later stages. If the player destroys all robots in a courtyard, 8 more will appear to try to apprehend the player. The player's laser rifle will destroy the nearest robot, but can only be used 8 times per game, so must be conserved. If the player contacts a post or robot, they are apprehended and the game is over. The player can also randomly transport if surrounded, but they run the risk of moving into danger.

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