Bishoujo Control

Release Date calendar
October 1, 1990
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Max Players players

Combining the gameplay of an arcade shoot'em'up with watching pretty girls, Bishoujo Control puts you in a spaceship, battling hordes of enemies flying downwards. All that flies is not an enemy, though; you can also shoot at blocks that, when shot, make up a picture of a pretty girl on the right of the screen. Picking up bonuses in the shape of the signs for "pretty girl" powers up your weapon. When all pieces of the picture are picked up, you are given a chance to enjoy the picture at your own pace before progressing to the next level (and the next girl). The gameplay can be spiced up by upgrading your spaceship into a much more "phallic" configuration, with bullets looking like big sperm, while the enemies come in the shape of scissors, mouths, pants and syringes. Your ship can also gain a condom shield. Whereas the MSX version starts off like a more normal shooter, progressively becoming more vulgar, this is the default mode in the Famicom version.

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