Release Date calendar
November 6, 2000
Platform joystick
Sega Dreamcast
Game Type type
Max Players players

On a November day when the snow turned to rain, Ryo Hazuki arrives home just in time to see his father killed by Lan Di, a man Ryo's father obviously knew very well. Ryo attempts to stop Lan Di, but is effortlessly beaten to within an inch of his life. After recovering from his injuries Ryo sets out to track down his father's murderer, as well as uncover his family's secrets and the mystery of the Phoenix and Dragon mirrors that Lan Di seeks. Project Berkley was the code name for Shenmue that was included as a bonus GD-ROM disc with the Virtua Fighter 3tb game for the Sega Dreamcast. This disc was only made for Japan. The video gave details about the Shenmue game and beta footage of what's to come at the time.

Alternate Names
  • Shenmue: Ichishou Yokosuka Japan Japan
  • Project Berkley Japan Japan



T - Teen

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