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December 15, 1986
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Max Players players

Breeder is a sort of fighting game featuring automated fighting robots designed by the player. The action takes place in the distant future and to improve the quality of their war-robots, a star civilization decides to organize special tournaments. Those "metal combats" are held in arenas where two robots fight against each other in a death match. A vast list of components can be edited and customized from the start and the game counts seven different types of robots ( 2 legs, 4 legs, snake, hover, 3 tires, 6 tires and Belt). 1000 points are given to the player and they need to be strategically spent over fifteen abilities - from speed, dexterity to luck and IQ. When the player robot is ready, it can be activated and fight in a special arena. However, the fight is totally controlled by the CPU - so the player just sits down and watch the action until his robot wins, or loses. Up to eight robots can be saved on the Disk Card.

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