Dirty Pair: Project Eden

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March 28, 1987
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Max Players players

Kei and Yuri, two cute space investigators, are the heroines of this side-scrolling action game by Bandai and based on the popular animation series Dirty Pair. This was released along with the movie Project Eden though it doesn't follow the plot of the actual movie all that well. Also the game is known for it's incredible difficulty. A distant planet is suffering civil war and the two girls are sent to investigate the situation. The players starts by taking control of the red-haired Kei. She can jump and fire using her laser-gun and the goal of the fist part of the game is to reach the enemy's lair. Once there, Yuri joins the party on a flying-bike. If Kei can make it quickly enough, she can jump on the bike and fly through the rest of the stage. However, make sure she doesn't hit a wall or any obstacles on the way or she will have to finish it on foot. Once their destination is reached, the game switches to a more static room mode where Kei infiltrates a building and move from room to room, looking for items such as floppy discs and unlock doors. This part definitively brings in a degree of adventure element to the game. A two simultaneous player mode is also available and get Rei and Yuri into battle as the same time.

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Daiei Seisakusho
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