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January 29, 1987
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Eggerland is the first Eggerland game for a Nintendo console and the third game in the series overall, after Eggerland Mystery 1 and 2 for the MSX. Much of the game's resources and levels actually come from Eggerland Mystery 2, though there's a lot of extra elements as well. The series would become better known in the West as Adventures of Lolo. The game features Prince Lolo and his attempts to rescue his girlfriend Lala from the diabolical King Egger by solving a series of puzzle rooms involving collecting hearts and avoiding enemies. This game is of the "labyrinth" model of Eggerland games which, unlike the sequential "tower" format evident in the Adventures of Lolo series, provides the player with non-linear branching paths to follow in the form of multiple exits for each stage. Besides that, the usual rules apply: Lolo must find and collect all the heart icons in a given stage and then reach an exit, though it's worth keeping in mind that many of the monsters are completely inert until the last heart icon is collected, at which point they wake up and become very dangerous. As well as ensuring that they are able to reach all the heart icons, the player must also make sure to prepare a safe path to the exit for when the monsters awake.

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