Family Computer Golf: Japan Course

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February 21, 1987
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Max Players players

An update of sorts to Golf. Players get to take control of Nintendo's mascots Mario and Luigi (in the 2 player game) and play over 18 holes of golf on courses modeled after real courses in Japan. Players can choose to either try their skills in match play or stroke play. Match play involves two golfers trying to win the most holes. They win holes by getting the better score than their competitor. Stroke play differs as it just involves the golfer trying to get the best score possible by completing each hole in as few strokes as possible. When on the golf course, players can choose the club they want to use, adjust the speed and strength (from a 1 to 3 scale) of their swing, and aim in the direction they want to hit the ball. Hitting the ball involves the use of a meter with an icon that goes back and forth, which gauges the distance the ball is hit. Players can take a step back from the tee and take practice swings so they can get into a rhythm using this meter. This game also contained a now defunct feature where players could record their personal information and their best scores and then bring the game disk to a Disk Fax machine. Inserting the disk into this machine would fax over the player's information to Nintendo's headquarters. This information was used for a contest. Being selected a contest winner would award the player with a golden colored disk version of this game. This golden disk version of the game contained an exclusive course that was not present on the original version of this game.

Alternate Names
  • Golf: Japan Course
  • Family Computer Golf Tournament - Japan Course Japan Japan
  • Golf Japan Course: Nyuushou Japan Japan

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