Black ICE\White Noise

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Platform joystick
Atari Jaguar CD
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Black ICE\White Noise is an unreleased action-adventure video game that was in development and planned to be published by Atari Corporation on a scheduled December 1995 release date exclusively for the Atari Jaguar CD. It is influenced by the works of American-Canadian writer William Gibson such as Neuromancer and its plot is very reminiscent of The Matrix, which came three years later after the project was discontinued. The player would have follow the story about a group of three characters in a fictional United States city on the year 2042, as they performed multiple missions and tasks such as assassination, computer hacking, exploration, street fighting and other assignments along the way.[4] Originally conceived internally in 1994 as an mascot platform game by Sam Tramiel to represent Atari Corp., it later evolved into a more mature title involving a cyberpunk setting. After multiple delays and expenses, Atari Corp. cancelled the game in 1996, a decision seen by the video game press as an indication that the company was preparing to stop support for the Jaguar, especially as one of the other games for the system, Thea Realm Fighters, was also cancelled at the same time, with the game being close to completion. Although unreleased, several playable prototypes have been released and sold online by people such as B.J. West, one of the original producers of the game and video game collector Clint Thompson, who got the rights to publish one of the playable prototypes.

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