Release Date calendar
January 1, 1979
Platform joystick
Bally Astrocade
Game Type type
Max Players players

Star Battle is a space shooter based on the trench run sequence from the original Star Wars movie. The game is for one or two players and involves a battle between an X-Wing and a Tie Fighter, although since it doesn't carry a license they are not called that. The X-Wing is controlled by player one while the Tie Fighter is controlled by player two or the computer. Before starting out a maximum score (1-999) is entered and the player that first reaches it wins the game. A single hit is enough to bring down the enemy ship and it is worth one point. The game is viewed from a third-person perspective with a pseudo 3D representation of the trench. The colour of the trench changes constantly to illustrate the forward motion of the fighters. By moving the joystick up or down the fighters accelerate or decelerate which means they move to the top of the screen and decreases in size or move to the bottom and get larger. If one moves closer to the camera the other gets further away and vice versa.

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