Advent Rising

Release Date calendar
May 31, 2005
Platform joystick
Microsoft Xbox
Game Type type
Max Players players

Advent Rising is a sci-fi shooter with a storyline penned by author Orson Scott Card, whose video game credits include The Dig and the Monkey Island series of adventure games. Advent Rising tells the story of a supposedly peaceful race called the Seekers. The setting takes place in a universe where planets have banded together to shape future policy and promote goodwill throughout the galaxy. It is a universe where members of an intergalactic council have appointed the Seekers as overseers in the development of new civilizations before these planets are permitted to join the esteemed council. Yet the Seekers are not as diplomatic as they seem. Another species has learned of a sinister plot by the Seekers to eliminate the human race. A small band of human freedom fighters, led by a man named Gideon Wyeth, plans to stop this form of genocide at all costs. Players assume the role of Gideon while exploring the 3D worlds from a third-person perspective. Advent Rising offers a variety of weapons with which to thwart the armies of Seekers, and players will also be able to commandeer vehicles and channel special mind powers for protection as well as offense. The first of a planned trilogy of titles, Advent Rising uses Epic Games' Unreal technology to create the worlds in which players must battle. Orson Scott Card has also written a companion novel to expand upon the ideas found in the game, which can be purchased at the time of Advent Rising's release.

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T - Teen

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