Release Date calendar
April 2, 1987
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

The game is composed of seven training events whom the player must complete. Upon failure to complete an event, the player must do a set number of chin ups as punishment in order to continue into the succeeding events, or it's game over. The events are as followed: 1.Obstacle Course – Set in a side-scrolling segment, the player must reach the end of the stage under the alloted time before his opponent while climbing walls and clearing bars. 2.Shooting Range No. 1 – The player must shoot as many targets as possible under the allotted time. If played against a second player, then the one who shoots the most targets win. 3.Iron Man Race – Similar to the obstacle course, but set in a top view angle. The player must reach the goal while avoiding mines and other obstacles. Eventually the player must cross a lake by rowing a boat 4.Shooting Range No. 2 – Same as the first one, but now with moving targets. 5.Arm Wrestling – The two recruits are pitted against each other in a match of strength and stamina. 6.Shooting Range No. 3 – The third and final shooting range stage features penalty targets. 7.Fighting – The player faces against his instructor in hand-to-hand combat in the final event. If played with a second player, then the two players must fight each other.

Alternate Names
  • Combat School Europe Europe

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Not Rated

Action, Sports
Ocean Software
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