Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

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September 15, 2005
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Fire Pro Wrestling Returns is a 2D-graphic based wrestling simulation game. The game has a north-south/east-west-axis movement system. This allows for dual-plane movement, rendering it to play like a 3D wrestling game (although the moves are still done in 2D). The game features 327 wrestlers on the main roster, from over 10 major Japanese wrestling and mixed-martial arts organizations. This in-depth roster allows the player to simulate classic matches or matches that could never take place. Game modes include a standard exhibition match, tag team exhibition match with 2, 3 or 4 player teams, a round-robin league tournament featuring up to 64 wrestlers, a sudden elimination tournament featuring up to 16 wrestlers, mixed martial arts matches aka Ultimate Fighting (with either Pride or K*1 Rules), battle royal matches with up to eight players in the ring at the same time, 5-man team elimination matches and for the first time ever in a Fire Pro Wrestling game, a North American cage match mode. The edit mode allows you to create wrestlers, referees and even entire wrestling organizations (with their own ring and logo). This mode features over 1,648 moves and holds you can assign to your wrestlers, and you can then tweak their CPU logic, to make them behave as you like when controlled by the computer. The new features for the Fire Pro Wrestling series debuting in Fire Pro Wrestling Returns are North American cage matches, face layering on edit mode, and ring seconds (aka managers) that accompany wrestlers to the ring. It also features over 20 brand-new moves, including some reanimations of old moves.

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T - Teen

Fighting, Sports
505 Games , Agetec , Spike
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