Future Wars: Adventures in Time

Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore Amiga
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Max Players players

When it comes to producing the fabled ‘Interactive Movie’, all credit has so far gone to Cinemaware. On the other hand, American software house Sierra have been beavering away on their own style of interactive movies. Future Wars takes off from where Sierra apparently stopped. It is almost second generation in much the same vein. You start off as a low window cleaner high up on the outside of a sky scraper. The introductory sequence shows him accidentally knocking his bucket over and taking a rollicking from his boss. Half-closing the window behind him the boss disappears back into the seclusion of his office, leaving you to ponder your next move. All the in-game orders are issued through a menu of just five commands to move the main character. Quite basic, but all the objects and puzzles are designed around that method making the game smoother to play. There is a plot. The Earth has been under attack for many years now, but thanks to the SDI system she’s held her own against the aliens. Two scientists discover that the aliens have gone back in time and landed in the year 1304. What this has to do with you is not made clear, so it leaves plenty of room for discovery. Future Wars has some excellent animated sequences, gorgeous backdrops and a multitude of problems and characters to face. All backed up with sampled sound effects and the simple control method. A perfect game for the long winter months.

Alternate Names
  • Future Wars: Time Travellers Europe Europe
  • Les Voyageurs Du Temps: La Menace France France



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