Art Style: ROTOZOA

Release Date calendar
May 28, 2010
Platform joystick
Nintendo Wii
Game Type type
Max Players players

Guide a rotozoan through primordial ooze where precise control and movement are vital to your success. Control a circular creature-like organism known as a rotozoan and nimbly make your way through level after level of primordial ooze. Comprised of only three distinct parts (colored sides, tentacles, and life force), the focus of your rotozoan life is simple: grow your tentacles. After playing a few levels and learning the basics of your microscopic world, you begin to unlock additional modes of play and the ability to choose the number of tentacles on your rotozoan. Each mode has its own specific purpose: either reaching a particular length with your tentacles or growing them to the greatest length possible. Regardless of mode though, growing your tentacles means absorbing enemies, known as goobugs, by touching them. Just one catch: successfully absorbing a goobug depends on its color matching the color of your tentacle. Adding to the challenge, longer tentacles can more easily touch incorrectly colored goobugs (causing damage to the tentacle and decreasing your life force) and the goobugs themselves multiply and begin adapting to your movement. Luckily, objects such as the life force-restoring heart item and special attack-enabling cyclone item can be found floating in the ooze to help your rotozoan survive. With atmospheres ranging from peaceful calm to intensely challenging, Art Style: Rotozoa offers a wide variety of levels. Victory can only be achieved through quick, but precise, movement and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Are you ready to take on the goobugs? Games in the Art Style series feature elegant design, polished graphics, and pick-up-and-play controls, creating an experience focused purely on fun and engaging game play.

Alternate Names
  • Art Style: PENTA TENTACLES Europe Europe
  • Art Style Series: PENTA TENTACLES Japan Japan

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E - Everyone

Action, Puzzle
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