3001: O'Connors Fight

Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore Amiga
Game Type type
Max Players players

In 3001: O'Connors Fight, the player takes the role of John O'Connor, one of six space lords which fight for dominance over the space empire. The main playing menu consists of two parts: the space map with all planets (either in animated 3D or a top-down view) and the menu with up to four commands. The basic gist is that the lords need to visit owned planets in order to adjust their production focus: space ships are used to defend planets and fuel is required to move them around the empire. More planets are acquired by attacking them. The result is calculated automatically and is based on the amount of defending respectively attacking troops. A special case comes into effect when a space lord is currently on the attacked planet: the winner of the fight instantly receives all the loser's planets. A lord is permanently removed from the game after the second personal defeat; the goal is to unite all planets under O'Connor's rule. Sometimes there is an action sequence in which the player has to move the space ship (by clicking on cursor keys) in order to avoid obstacles.




Not Rated

Ingo Bøker, Jan Dark
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