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Platform joystick
Commodore 64
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Max Players players

A one or two player action game created by Michael Balle and published in Happy Computer 1988/05. Control not one, but two Balls skillfully over a crater landscape. In Bump!, two players compete against each other, to put their skills to the test. The game arena is designed as a so-called Pannorama Screen display game. This means that the game has a three dimensional environment and feeling. The effect is amazing. While in the upper part of the screen the action takes place, you can read below what each player's score is, the "lack of power" and the number of previous victories. To start Bump you have to press the fire button Push the joystick in port two. The game starts and you can see the motionless game for a moment. The aim of the game is simply to get ten wins. however, the principle of the game is not simple: the player controls two balls, both of which can be can move each other. Moving one with the fire button depressed and you move the second one without the fire button. In order to each of the two players has two balls at their disposal supply so there are four total balls in play. It is now your task to put the balls inside the craters as you pass them. That requires a lot of practice and a fair amount of skill. Another highlight of the game are the different strength of the two balls. While namely the one should be used primarily to put your opponent off his game, one should use the other ball to jump into the craters as purposefully as possible to recover your points and your energy supply.

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Michael Balle
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