Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

Arc Doors is an action game with some puzzle elements. The player controls a prince who was turned into a frog by an evil wizard, and thrown into a marsh filled with dangers. On each of the 50 levels the player must find the key and reach the exit. The game is shown in a top-down perspective, with the player able to move from tile to tile. As the wizard had taken away the prince's ability to swim, falling into water ends with immediate death. Getting across the water often requires leaping across lily pads, which regularly sink and resurface in a synchronized pattern. The marsh is populated by a variety of creatures with different behavior patterns, most of which kill the player instantly upon contact. The monsters can be killed by shooting at them. However, the prince has a limited amount of energy, which is depleted each time the player moves or shoots. Running out of energy results in death, but powerups can be found to replenish it. The player can also come across heart pickups which give a bonus life. Published in Game On 1994/05.




Not Rated

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