Around the World in 40 Screens

Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Acorn Electron
Game Type type
Max Players players

Around the World in 40 Screens is the first of three standalone expansion packs for Repton 3. As the title might indicate it includes 40 new levels made in the map editor that was included with the original game. The game features a world travelling theme and the levels are divided into five sets each representing a specific setting. These are: America, Arctic, Orient, Oceans and Africa. The gameplay is the same as in Repton 3 but all objects have been replaced with objects related to the setting. Instead of diamonds, there are for example hamburgers in the American levels and fish in the Arctic levels. Boulders have been replaced by coconuts in African levels and snowmen in Arctic levels and so on. Enemies include Indians and bandits in the American levels, polar bears and penguins in the Arctic levels and octopuses and squids in the Ocean level. Repton himself has a different role in each setting. In America he is a sheriff while in the Arctic he is an eskimo and in the Orient he is a kung-fu master.

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