Release Date calendar
October 1, 1978
Platform joystick
Bally Astrocade
Game Type type
Max Players players

Football is an early attempt at simulating the American sport. The game is played from a top-down perspective and features two unnamed teams, one blue and one yellow. When starting out the offense first gets to choose which of five plays to be used. After that the playing field will be displayed and after the ball has been snapped the player controls the quarterback with the joystick. By pressing the trigger a throw is made and the flight of the ball depends on the angle of the quarterback's arm which is controlled with the knob on the controller. After the pass has been made offense gains control of the ends by using the joystick. The defense uses the joystick to control the patterns of the cornerbacks. The ball carrier is considered tackled when making contact with any other player on the field. In addition to the two-player mode there is also the possibility of playing with four players. Then, when in offense, player 1 and 2 controls the movement of the quarterbacks while player 3 and 4 controls the movement of the tight end. When defending, player 1 and 2 controls the top cornerback while player 3 and 4 controls the bottom one. The game is multiplayer only and has no AI option.

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