Ford Racing 3

Release Date calendar
December 7, 2005
Platform joystick
Nintendo DS
Game Type type
Max Players players

The handheld versions of Ford Racing 3 allow players to race in a number of Ford-licensed cars, from classics (Model T) to new models (2005 Mustang GT), cars from movies, off-road tracks and even concepts vehicles such as the Mustang GT-R Concept. From the main driver profile where all statistics are recorded, players can do a quick race of one of the three competitions: Ford Competition, Ford Challenge and Ford Collection. Most of the game's features need to be unlocked first. Next to the regular racing controls there is also a button used for boost. The different competitions offer ten racing types: Standard: race for the first place. Elimination: race five opponents over three laps. After the first and the second lap, the last two cars are knocked out and a duel ensues in the final lap. Duel: a 3-lap race against six challengers in succession. After each won lap, a new one starts. Drafting: stay in the opponent's slipstream to raise a power bar. Driving Skills: race against the time and keep the timer going by passing through gates that award time bonuses. Seconds Out: race against the time while collecting bonuses. Time Attack: a straightforward timed race. Boost: race with two boosts per lap. Relay: transfer a baton three times around the track. Overtake: overtake a number of vehicles before time runs out.




E - Everyone

Visual Impact
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