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Acorn Atom
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Passengers and crew of a 747 Jumbo Jet are in your hands on a flight to land at England's busiest airport Heathrow. The huge aircraft is solely in your command as you fly in the pilot's hot seat through the suburbs of London. When you have located the position of two Heathrow runways you must start the descent and safely land the aircraft. Just how good a pilot you are will be revealed once you have completed the landing as you receive points for airmanship. Bug Byte's 747 Flight was actually written by a Jumbo Jet pilot for the Liverpool software supplier, so it earns top marks for its realism. On the screen you are confronted with various figures representing altitude, the state of the undercarriage, a compass, the rate of climb in feet per second, the speed of the aircraft in knots and the angle of the flaps in degrees, to name but a few. To help you on your flight, a map of Heathrow's environs has been included with the game. On it are marked the 10 stations (six of which are close to the two runways) and possible flight paths.

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  • 747 Flight United Kingdom United Kingdom

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