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The old city of London in the year 2112 is now one giant complex containing a computer which now runs Britain, controlling law, production, finances and other tasks required to run a country. Problem is, Hackers have messed with the programming and now the computer has become a Dictator and the people of Britain have become oppressed by the machine servants the computer has given power to. The hope is for someone to enter the complex and find nine pieces of a Switching Code and placed inside the computer in the right order to hopefully make the computer think more sensibly. You have been chosen to under go this mission in this side view flick screen arcade adventure. You start in the centre of the complex where the pieces of the Switching Code must be inserted and along with your Robo-Hound called Poddy, you must explore the complex for the pieces of the Switching Code. In the bottom right of the screen are various icons and these allow you to interact with your surroundings as well as give orders to Poddy. You move your hero or Poddy around each screen and you are able to pick, use or drop items, pass items to each other and use keys. Keys are needed to open doors and machinery moving around the complex need to be avoided. There are various statuses that be shown for each character and you can save your game and load it for later play.

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