Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow

Release Date calendar
June 21, 2006
Platform joystick
Game Type type
Max Players players

Colorful Captain Jack Sparrow weaves a tale tall as only he is capable, retelling events fans have come love, and adding new and even more far fetched adventures. Accompanying Captain Jack on his journey of fancy are the young Will Turner and his bride to be Elizabeth Swann. Gameplay flows much like other third-person action-adventures such as God of War or Demon Stone. Players can fight alone, or team up with a friend to conquer the fast-paced, hack and slash romp through exotic locations. Other features include a player-controlled upgrade system, along with a diverse set of sword fighting and grappling moves. Puzzles in the form of mini-games can be found throughout the game's 20+ levels.

Alternate Names
  • Piratas del Caribe: La Leyenda de Jack Sparrow Spain Spain
  • Pirates des Caraïbes: La légende de Jack Sparrow France France
  • Fluch der Karibik: Die Legende des Jack Sparrow Germany Germany
  • Pirati dei Caraibi: La Leggenda di Jack Sparrow Italy Italy



T - Teen

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