MechWarrior 4: Black Knight

Release Date calendar
October 31, 2001
Platform joystick
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Max Players players

Kentares IV has been in political turmoil since Ian Dresari took possession of the Ducal throne. Details of his succession are sketchy, but many feel that his sister Johanna was the heir apparent. Since her untimely death, civil unrest has grown into open rebellion. Karl Sonntag, a staunch loyalist to the Dresari family, turned his back on the fledgling sovereign and was recently arrested for sedition when he publicly condemned the new regime. His fate - as well as those of other political prisoners - is uncertain, but we do know that his leadership could prove invaluable if a resistance is to be mounted against Ian Dresari. After years of faithful service as a Davion lance commander, you found yourself facing a disciplinary review board following a heated dispute with a superior officer. Using his influence with the corporative magistrate, he seized an opportunity to trump up charges of insubordination against you and had you drummed out. Disgraced, jobless, and without a C-bill to your name, you turned to the only source of income at hand: Colonel Michael Lawhorn and his Black Knight Legion. The Legion is a tight-knit group of rogue mercenaries with a reputation for the ruthless pursuit of profit - a reputation that's not altogether undeserved. Your experience and can-do attitude has helped you rise quickly through the ranks, becoming the colonel's confidant and second in command. Your first contract as a member of the Legion is with a Steiner backed mineral corporation. It was supposed to be a simple job - put a stop to a series of pirate raids on a remote mining colony. Of course, when you're a mercenary, these things never end up being simple…




T - Teen

FASA Interactive
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